What is micro pave jewellery ?

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What is micro pave jewellery ?

Why buy micro pave gold jewellery ?

I tried to research micro pave gold jewellery a number of years ago but struggled to find much information relating to it.

Micro pave settings are where stones are set very closely to each other. This takes an incredible amount of work and a very steady hand.

Why is micro pave jewellery more expensive ?

Due to the precision work in the gold jewellery, and every stone being handset.

Can i buy without the large price tag ?

The good news is yes you can, with the introduction of cz stones, it gives the same look but without the large price tag.

How should i clean my micro paved jewellery ?

Your micro paved jewellery should be cleaned almost in the same way as your everyday gold jewellery, warm soapy water and a gentle toothbrush. Rinse in warm water and gently towel dry with a soft cloth.

Where can i buy well made micro paved jewellery ?

At https://kcjewelleryuk.com/ we specialise in a large range of micro paved jewellery

from childrens to adults. Every stone is handset with precision giving beautiful finished jewellery.