5 Exclusive top tips for buying gold jewellery

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5 Exclusive top tips for buying gold jewellery

K&C jewellery's 5 top tips for buying jewellery

Prices can fluctuate ?

In todays turbulent times the value of gold can go up as well as down. in 2010 gold rose so dramatically in the financial crash. Again in 2020 in the midst of the carona virus outbreak gold rose dramatially.


Quality over quantity ?

While price is important, If something is very low in price it should raise alarm bells. If it is cheap not much work has went into it, which basically means it will be very poor quality. Basically you get what you pay for......


When do you plan to wear ?

This is very important, if you are looking to buy a fine piece of jewellery and you have a hard physical job. In most cases it will become broken possibly lost. If you are in any doubt contact us at K&C jewellery and we will be happy to help.


 Should i insure my Jewellery ?

While we would always recommend insuring jewellery. It is a personal preference but take into account how much it would cost to replace and is it sentimental

What if i want to sell in future ?

Most things in life depreciate with value, however gold is one item that will always retain a value. If you are looking for a quick turnover cash for gold companies etc will be your best best however your return will be significantly lower. Private sales will provide a bigger return but may take more time.


Most of all enjoy your newly purchase jewellery from K&C Jewellery where the quality and price will always be market leading........